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Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Ps 82:3

New Mercy Ministries

New Mercy Ministries is a charitable, non-profit Canadian organization founded in 1998 by Rick and Bonnie Langstaff.  Their purpose is to reach out to help families and individuals who are in need.  Ministering the love of Christ through biblical teaching, counsel and meeting the practical needs of others in their community have opened doors to reach out to other parts of the world.

 “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed” Psalm 82. Verse 3 


rick and bonny langstaff

Ministry to Haiti

Ministry in Haiti

In 2004 NMM began supporting a community in Haiti through a relationship with Thierry Belade and his organization Mephish. We have been blessed with being able to help both spiritually, through sharing the love of Jesus and physically through supplying needs. These needs have been met by food, medical supplies, bicycles, musical instruments, agricultural equipment, clothing, mattresses and even a truck. Through a partnership with Ontario Christian Gleaners we have been able to ship millions of servings of nutritious dried soup mix to Haiti. The soup was a huge blessing during a time of great need in the schools and orphanages. Recently through the purchase of a good piece of tillable land near a water source we have been able to help them become more self sufficient by producing their own food. This also provides work for those planting and harvesting and an opportunity for income through the sale of some of the harvest. We are now seeing the younger generation rising up to take over leadership positions in their own communities. We continue to anticipate great things for Haiti.

Mission Trips

Missions Trips

We are very excited as God continues to lead us in this relationship with our Haitian friends. We see great potential in the Haitian people and the country of Haiti. If you have a heart for Haiti or would like to explore opportunities for a place for you in this work please contact us about a trip to Haiti where you can be immersed in a welcoming, loving community. Our mission trips may include a building project, a teaching opportunity or planting a garden but foremost we want to introduce you to the people and often a common passion is discovered and an opportunity for you to help is realized.

Flights of Hope

Flights of Hope

New Mercy Ministries was blessed by the donation of a Piper Aztec airplane. Many supporters both financially and through the donation of their time completed the needed repair work just days prior to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Rick was able to fly to Haiti to help carry much needed supplies between the Dominican Republic and Haiti and to move children to areas of safety. The plane has also been used to fly into isolated communities in Northern Ontario and continues to be available for access to remote areas.

Other Ministries

We offer biblical teaching through seminars and one on one connections.  Along with regular trips to Haiti, we offer trips to New York City.  These trips to New York City have given youth and others the opportunity to experience missions as they learn to serve those in need.  We do this by serving on relief buses, homeless shelters and a partnering with a local church in Brooklyn with their after school programs and street ministry.  These trips also include a time to see the sites of the Big Apple.

This ministry has been truly blessed. We have had many people come along side us and support us. We cherish those friendships. We have had many opportunities present themselves that we would not have thought possible. As New Mercy Ministries we move boldly into the future with the expectations of God’s promise. We walk out in the commission He has given us to share His word and to provide for those in need.  We welcome you to join with us.

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